• Due to the establishment of a social ladder, chickens show various behaviours that reflect this hierarchy. Chickens will form a pecking order and will attack individuals if they are introduced into a new group. Usually, the more chickens within an area, the more tolerant they will be.
  • Chickens also demonstrate grooming activities, called preening. They will run their beak through their feathers to align the barbs so that they can insulate properly.
  • Foraging is a natural behaviour, where chickens will peck and scratch at food sources, or if they are in search of food sources.                                                                                                                                BanjoRubyRedchick
  • Chickens create loose nests to lay and sit on eggs. This is why it is important to have adequate nesting materials and spaces.
  • Dust bathing occurs when chickens roll in dirt to clean their skin and feathers of parasites, dead skin, and other skin irritants. It also helps to minimise build-up of the oil from preening.
  • Perching is another common behaviour of chickens, at a young age they will begin to jump to higher levels. They can stand on a perch for long periods and even sleep, sue to the firm grip of their claws.