One significant aspect of the cattle useful for livestock trading is the body condition score. This is a system by which the cattle can be graded by their amount of fat and muscle. A body condition score of 3.5-4 is ideal in the livestock trading industry.

You can assess the body condition of a cattle by visually examining the animal, comparing its stature to those in the images below. Stand behind the cattle to examine the hip bones of the animal. Are they square? Rounded? Are they very visible or not at all?

It is also important to feel over the animal in the short ribs. Place your hand on the cattleā€™s back over the short ribs. As you move your hand firmly over the back of the cattle, can you feel an indent? Or is it well covered?

What number will you give for each of your cattle?

Cattle Body Condition Scoring Chart (

Fig. 1: Cattle Body Condition Scoring Chart (