Being able to handle a chicken is essential to assess the health of the chicken and if it is to be restrained for any other purpose.

Here’s how!

  • To handle a chicken, have it facing away from you, grab the chicken over its wings so that it cannot run or fly away. Once you have a firm grip on the chicken, you may pick it up. Once you have the chicken stable, you may gently, but firmly press one side of the chicken against the hip/wais???????????????????????????????t, so that the wings are still being tucked in.
  • If you are right handed, place the chicken against your left hip, facing away from you. From this position, you are able to assess the chicken properly.
  • Now, you can check the chicken’s skin and feathers for lice, or injuries and you may also assess the abdomen and vent. The abdomen should be large, but relatively soft and doughy and the vent should be moist and wide.




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